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YouTube from Beginning to Giant

What started out as a portal where you could upload videos of any type, with the passing of the years and the vision of entrepreneurs, YouTube has become one of the biggest businesses in the world today. People use it all the time; some just post a video or two and some use it to gain more exposure for their company. The ability to buy YouTube views especially helps small businesses market their products.

Normally, the videos that were originally uploaded were of poor quality, made with home cameras, webcams, etc. Technology wasn’t too advanced in that sense, and there didn’t exist many other digital systems to facilitate uploading every kind of video out there, either. In those times, it was easy to follow all the new uploads, and most videos were short.

YouTube as a pioneer of portals grew strongly and had a good idea of what it wanted for the future. It also had sufficient resources to let the technology grow and get better, and little by little, it was easier and much more comfortable to upload and edit our own video creations.

The problem showed up when YouTube servers started to collapse. What started out as an adventure mainly for the video and film nerd started to turn into something that everyone was enjoying – people from all walks of life. They started filming family videos, special moments, and more to share with family members in other parts of the world.


Thus, the fact that YouTube started expanding so quickly and didn’t have the capacity caused the crash. The algorithm had to change, and Google, who had been watching the site for years, bought it. And, well… we know the rest of the story.

What started as a way to upload memories, jokes, and stories has turned into an international business. From businesses showing their products, to film addicts uploading movies or their own works, from soccer moms uploading the team end-of-year slideshow to video bloggers who buy YouTube views … YouTube has grown!