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CPAP vs BiPAP for snoring

Not all snoring is equal, which is why it’s important to identify the cause of snoring. When you discover why you snore, then you can find solutions that really will help you sleep better.

People that snore normally have more throat and nose tissue than normal that is prone to vibrations. The position your tongue is in can also cause snoring. Evaluating how you snore and also why you snore will help you to know if it is something you can control or not. And, the best new is that no matter why you snore, there are solutions.

Some people have sleep apnea and snore very badly. They normally use one of two machines: CPAP vs BiPAP which helps them to breathe correctly and sleep better.

Others snore due to age. Middle age and older people normally start to have stretched throats, and less muscle tone in the neck. Thus, they snore. Men normally have airways in their nose that are skinnier than those of women, and tend to snore.

Being overweight can also lead to snoring, as can alcohol, tobacco and certain medications. These normally contribute to the relaxation of muscles, and thus cause snoring.

Sleep posture is a big one. Sleeping on your back usually leads the throat muscles to slightly block the airways, which means – you guessed it – snoring.

Can you see the pattern? Snoring occurs when air cannot move freely through the nose and mouth curing sleep. And anything that causes that, luckily, can be fixed most of the time.


It would be important to talk to either your general physician, or an ear, nose and throat specialist. They will be able to help test and find out what is causing your snoring and what the best solutions are to take care of it for you.